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All of us at The Shoreham Smile Studio are passionate about the dentistry we perform for our customers. As part of this we want to get your feedback on how you found the experience of using our dental practice in Shoreham-by-Sea.If you would like to submit feedback please click here and fill out the form. Or alternatively you could contact the Shoreham Smile Studio and let us know what you think.

Here are some comments from our current customers...

Thank you for my perfect teeth, brilliant staff, and fabulous results. Highly recommended.

Nicola Shephard - 19/01/12

I think your treatment during the past 6 years has been so wonderful not only dental but cosmetic procedures. You have given me great confidence during my stressful times. I thank your team also for their patience and courtesy.

Pauline Carrington - 20/12/11

There is only one dental team I would ever use and they are Rajan, Jerri and Linda.

Michelle Whitehead - 16/09/11

Very happy here, very friendly service, feel privileged.

Tony Hunt - 16/11/11

Thank you so much for making my smile great. I can smile with confidence now. Fantastic service!!

Lorraine Maker - 02/11/11

Dr Sethi and staff superb. Many Thanks.

P.C Beale - 27/10/11

Excellent care, treatment and explanations. Thank you v.v. much.

Jill Austin - 13/10/11

Thank you all for your kindness.

Anonymous - 15/08/11

Thanks so much Im delighted. You're all very kind and my smile is amazing.

Ruth Retter - 11/08/11

Thank you ever so much for all your help, quick results and better smiles overall. We are both now super bling bling.

Emma Sutton, Jamie Henderson - 22/06/11

Excellent service rapid turn around, fantastic results.

Stuart Nicholls - 21/06/11

Brilliant results - my teeth now look perfect, awesome friendly staff who have all put me at ease.

Alex pickup - 20/05/11

As ususal really good attention and treatment, thanks for fitting me in at such short notice.

Brian Martin - 20/04/11

Dr Rajan Sethi is the best dentist ever, he listens and is so patient with nervous patients like myself. Jerri you are a star too. You have given me my smile back and confidence. Thank you so much.

Michelle Whitehead - 19/04/11

Invisalign has been amazing given me such a confidence boost. Thank you.

Carrie leaver - 13/04/11

Can't believe how white my teeth are in only 2 weeks, Very happy.

Sarah Giles - 14/04/11

Why do I worry every time? Dr Sethi is amazing.

Shelia Clevet - 14/04/11

Excellent work- can smile again and and no panic at the thought of a visit.

Margarat Jarred - 06/04/11

Fantastic, so pleased with the care I received and the results.

Pat Kingston - 11/03/11

Unbelievable, my teeth are fab, didn't think it would look so good , Thanks for everything, I will smile forever.

Zoe ratcliff - 03/03/11

Thank you fort making my smile shine out. Its even better than I imagined it to be. Very happy customer. I will spread the word or at least my teeth will. Thanks again.

Stuart - 01/03/11

Dear Dr Sethi and Jerri, I want to say thank you so much for what you've done for me, You were faced with another dentists bad work, despite that you were able to do an amazing job and I can now start to smile again, and enjoy my life, also thank you for kind considerate ways, Everything I wanted you took onboard and addressed them. Thank you so much, also to Rodger who had the pain staking job of making them love ria.

Ria Wazia - 01/03/11

Just want to say a big thank you for giving me my smile back. Im so happy, Thank you guys..

Celine Breaker - 01/03/11

Excellent treatment as usual.

Rosar Bleeheson - 14/02/11

Laura was fab non judgemental and really informative, big thank you.

Bobbi - 14/02/11

Would like to thank you for your great job done on my teeth with all the cleaning. I felt really embarrassed for not having looked after my teeth all these years, with all the smoking and I left the dentist feeling so good and knowing my teeth are not in such a bad way.

Barbara Woolgar - 11/02/11

Would just like to say a big thank you to Dr Sethi for my new lovely white teeth, can't stop smiling now, again a very big thank you.

John Smith - 04/02/11

Thank you very much I am lucky to have such a good dentist!

Gillian Magness - 31/01/11

Just want to say a massive thank you for my new implant. I never thought I would smile again, after I lost my front tooth at 25, my denture really knocked my confidence.

John Brown - 26/01/11

I am so very pleased with the result of my invisalign treatment, and so happy with my new straight teeth and new smile Thank you very much.

Lisa Core - 21/01/11

Thank you smile studio team. You made my wedding day so special with my new 8 veneers and it only took one day to complete! I feel great and its all because of your fantastic team. Thank you all.

Mrs Robson - 07/01/11

My Wife, who is 87, lost her top and bottom set of teeth, which she had for a long time. We were very lucky to find a dental surgeon, Dr Rajan Sethi situated in East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea. We had three visits and my wife has a new set of teeth and I have had my teeth all done too. We had to tell you about this for the benefit of readers who may be experiencing similar trouble. We have nothing but praise for the treatment we received

Mr E.C. Newton, Brighton (Article from "The Argus")

Dr Rajan Sethi, Just a short note to really show my appreciation on what a good job you did on my teeth yesterday. It may have looked as if I wasn't too pleased but still under the effect of the injection and with a sore mouth, it was hard to thank you enough. Now my mouth is down to its normal size and the pain has gone, I can see what a terrific job you have done. The teeth are perfect, the colour is perfect (I didn't have my glasses on yesterday) and I now feel that I can smile without being embarrassed. Hope I wasn't too much of a pest! As you say, "No Pain No Gain" - it was worth it

J Fisher, Brighton

I have not had good teeth for many years. A childhood diet of pineapple chunks and pear drops, combined with the non-too kind attentions of the school dentist left me with no back teeth and a life-long fear of dental attendance? Occasional visits to dentists over the past 35 years have never had good outcomes. As a result of overuse of the front teeth, together with a recent phenomenon of grinding my teeth in my sleep was leading to a rapid deterioration of what I had left – Stumps for teeth but with razor sharp edges. Action was needed and with not a little trepidation I called on Dr Sethi at the Shoreham Dental Centre.

We decided that being, the wimp I am, the work needed would have to be done over a short period of time or I might not return if I had too long to think about it. After a quick examination, scale and polish, the Doc embarked on doing 8 crowns, a bridge and some build-up work. Before we started, we discussed how I might look at the end of the treatment and whether a film start look could be achieved. We discussed James Bond and agreed on an image, but would it be jaws or Pierce Brosnan?

The Doc also missed his opportunity for a role in stand-up comedy; as when he described the work to be done he said it would be fun! The work took place over a two month period and was carried out in a thoroughly professional, but relaxed and informal manner, which suited me well. He sets good standards and even sent some crowns back to the technicians because he was not satisfied with the standard.

The price seemed fair to me and the outcome? At one moment during the work I did look like jaws but now it looks good and a couple of people have already commented on my smile – something that never happened before.

No film roles yet and pierce has nothing to fear, not until the Doc carries out plastic surgery as well. Oh, and a word for his associates who were helpful, supportive and professional.

I never thought I'd say this, but I really would recommend going to the dentist!

P Latheun, Shoreham-by-Sea

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