The Wand

No needle anaesthetic at the Shoreham Smile Studio
the wand no needle anaesthetic

The Wand uses a unique new technology, which is unlike any other. It works at a low pressure and a slow rate that gives and improved anaesthesia. The wand uses a small hand piece that looks like a pen. This system gives a supply of anaesthetic in a slow comfortable manner.

We know that some patients get more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. That's where the Wand - a small lightweight handpiece that resembles a pen. The computer controlled system allows for an even-flow delivery of anesthetic in a very comfortable, non-threatening manner.

It eliminates the "bee sting" effect - the painful consequence from a surge of fluid into a confined tissue area. Even more, certain injections made possible with the Wand minimize the unnecessary numbness of the tongue, cheek, and face.

If you have needle phobia then The Wand is the perfect solution for you, no more painful local anaesthetic injections!

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