Semi Permanent Make-Up

A practical, convenient way to guarantee that you look your best

If you lack definition in certain areas of the face, which you would like to enhance, then our revolutionary semi permanent make-up is the perfect treatment for you. Our beauty artist Jerri Jones of Beautiful SPM uses specialist, approved equipment to cosmetically tattoo a semi-permanent pigment which adds colour, volume and vitality to the skin. You can have professionally administered make-up which lasts for up to three years.


There are many advantages to semi permanent make up, below are just a few of the reasons why you might.

Procedures Available

Is Semi-Permanent Make-up Safe?

This procedure is completely safe and has revolutionised the beauty industry. Imagine not having to spend hours in front of the mirror, or to worry if your lipstick has smeared. The real magic behind this treatment allows our experts to mask hair loss, scar tissue and we can even use it to combat the signs of vitiligo. This treatment can also be used to reconstruct the appearance of the areola after surgery.

You can choose to get semi-permanent make-up to define your eyebrows, lips or the shape of your eye. We are also able to administer beauty spots. It's all in your hands, whether you want that sultry look, or if you want a way to maintain a natural healthy glow all year round. For those of you concerned about whether this treatment is painful, don't worry we apply an anaesthetic cream before and during the treatment to minimise pain. Some report feeling nothing at all, whereas others experienced slight discomfort, it all depends on your threshold.

We recommend top-ups every 12 to 18 months to maintain the quality of the results.

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