Laser Hair Removal

Rid yourself of unsightly hair without the need to shave or wax

Feeling Your Best

At Shoreham, we know that looking your best is conducive to feeling your best. That is why we are delighted to offer our patients advanced Polaris 1064 laser hair removal treatment. We use the most sophisticated technology in the industry to eliminate unsightly, embarrassing hair from all areas; body and face.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal procedure involves emitting concentrated light and directing it at the targeted hair follicles, through the skin. This then destroys the melanin which renders the follicle inactive and unable to grow new hair. During the treatment, you'll be able to chat freely, without pain. Some patients do feel a mild tingling, but it is not an uncomfortable sensation. Our skincare expert will section the desired area off and methodically work their way through until the undesired hair follicles have been treated. Following a short period of growth, the hair on the areas worked on will naturally fall out.

About Polaris 1064

The use of the Polaris 1064 Nd: YAG laser system at Shoreham speaks volumes about our brand. It is an incredibly advanced appliance which we are delighted to be able to offer patients looking for the latest in laser hair removal. The laser is long pulsed, and this setting now enables us to treat skin types 3 – 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale, with ease and great success. The Polaris Nd YAG laser may even be able to remove hair permanently for some patients and treatment is always safe, comfortable and effective.

Facial Hair Removal

Unwanted facial can be a real issue for men and women. If you aren't happy with trying to manage facial hair and you feel that it is damaging your self confidence, then it would pay to visit us for a consultation. Our experts can advise you on what areas would need to be targeted and how much this would cost in one appointment.

Body Hair Removal

Hair on the body is sometimes a person's worst nightmare. Here at Shoreham, we are sensitive to the issue and fully understand what it takes to come for treatment. We are adept at treating all skin tones and types, so no matter what your ethnicity is or how severe you believe the problem to be, we can help.

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