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Fast orthodontics with the Inman Aligner in Brighton, Hove and Shoreham

We are proud to offer our patients the highly innovate Inman Aligner orthodontic system. The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that can be used on a range of orthodontic problems, which affect the front teeth. Whilst the Inman Aligner is not as discreet as other "invisible" aligners such as Invisalign, it works incredibly swiftly to move teeth located at the front of the mouth into the desired location.

Once the aligner is placed in the mouth a spring coil system is located on the back of the teeth which can't be seen, whilst a single thin metal wire runs across the front of the teeth. Both use a 'push and pull' action on the teeth that gently, yet effectively move teeth into position over time.

Apart from being extremely efficient, they are removable which allows patients to continue looking after their oral hygiene and eat and drink the foods they wish. Only one aligner is used throughout the process rather than a series of different aligners.

A faster solution - The Inman Aligner works incredibly quickly and treatment may be completed in a matter of weeks

A Cost Effective Solution - The cost of treatment is considerably lower than both traditional metal braces and Invisalign treatment.

If you would like to have orthodontic treatment on your front teeth in the Brighten, Hove or Shoreham areas, then get in touch with us online or by phone and make your FREE initial Inman Aligner consultation today!

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