Our Fees

PRICE LIST Private Platinum / Platinum+ Plan
New Patient Examination £65.00 Included Included
Routine Examination £55.00 Included Included
Emergency Appointment £45.00 Included Included
Small X-Ray £8.00 Included Included
Large X-Ray (OPG) £45.00
Hygiene & Periodontal Treatment (£20 Deposit Required when booking)
Scale and Polish with Dentist £40.00
Scale and Polish with Hygienist £48.00 £42.00 Included*
Deep Periodontal Treatment “RSD” £50.00 Per Quadrant
Composite (White) Fillings
Small Surface Filling from £75.00 15% Discount on the Plan
Medium Surface Filling from £135.00
Large Surface Filling from £195.00
Root Canal Treatment
Endodontic Consultation with Endodontist £65.00
Single Root (Front Teeth) with Endodontist £175.00 £400.00** 15% Discount on the Plan Excluding Appointments with Endodontist.
Two Roots (Pre Molar) with Endodontist £230.00 £449.00**
Three Roots (Molar) with Endodontist £345.00 £495.0**
Re-Root Treatment +£115.00
Crowns, Veneers & Bridges
Post or Core from £100.00 15% Discount on the Plan
Porcelain Crown with Metal Core £550.00
Fully Porcelain (E.Max, Zirconia etc) from £550.00
Inlays and Veneers from £550.00
Bridges (Per Unit) from £450.00
Extraction (Per Tooth) from £120.00 15% Discount on the Plan
Surgical Extraction from £180.00
Cobalt Denture from £995.00 15% Discount on the Plan
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic from £650.00
Full Upper and Lower Acrylic from £1200.00
Partial Acrylic from £625.00
Valplast Acrylic from £680.00
Denture Additions (Per Addition) £75.00
Teeth Whitening
QD White Home Kit £250.00 15% Discount on the Plan
Zoom² In Surgery Whitening £595.00
Enlighten JustHome £395.00
Enlighten 5* Complete £495.00
Snoreguard £360.00 15% Discount on the Plan
Grinding Guard from £135.00
Dental Implants
Ankylos Implants from £1500.00**
Orthodontics (Braces)
Consultation with Specialist Orthodontist £85.00**
Fast Braces £2295.00
Invisalign Orthodontics £3500.00
Invisalign i7 £1800.00
Invisalign Light £2695.00
Inman Aligner £1500.00
Six Months Smile £2595.00
Incognito £3500** Per Arch

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