No Drill Dentistry ...Air Abrasion

What is drill less dentistry and why is it so fantastic for patients?

Aquacut Quattro (Fluid/Air Abrasion Drilless Dentistry) is a new instrument that can be used as an alternative to the drill in many procedures. Air Abrasion (drilless dentistry) uses a microscopically fine powder which is carried to the tooth by a stream of air, gently spraying away decay. In a simple sense, you could say it works like a precise miniature sandblaster.

Aquacut Quattro

Aquacut Quattro Using Air abrasion technology allows our dentist to prepare many types of cavity without the need of a drill!. Better yet there is no direct contact with the tooth, the Aquacut Quattro system removes decay and damaged tooth structure with many benifits and no draw backs.

Using Air Abrasion means: No vibration, No heat generation, No whining drill noise and No smell

Due to the gentle action of the Aquacut process, in many cases it removes the need for a local anaesthetic injection.

So what does that mean for you? An alternative to a needle and drill!

If you would like further information about the air abrasion drill-less dentistry used please ring The Shoreham Smile Studio on 01273 464454 or Email Us and one of our team will be happy to advise you on the best treatment for you.

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