Dermal Fillers

A simple way to attain a more rejuvenated look

Modern life can take its toll on the skin and sometimes healthy living alone is not enough to fend off the warning signs of aging. UV rays, pollution and hormones can all have an effect on your skin. All things stresses and strains can cause your skin to become lifeless, and wrinkles may start to form.

Our qualified beauticians use dermal fillers to restore the skin to its natural state. We can reduce grooves and wrinkles which begin to form around the mouth over time.

A clear gel is used which is skilfully injected into the skin and acts to keep the skin from losing volume. It helps to smooth those crow’s feet and smoker’s lips. The procedure is completely pain-free and the results usually last for 8 to 12 months.

Our fillers are also used to redefine the lip border and can even restore lip volume. Facial scars are also a thing of the past, as our experts can use it to disguise imperfections almost instantaneously. You can be in and out of our clinic in a matter of hours looking and feeling completely re-vitalised.

Our natural filler is completely safe and helps promote the structure of the face after years of tiredness. Our professionals take every precaution and pride ourselves on the safety of each and every one of our patients.

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