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Cerec 3D by Sirona is a sophiscated computer aided system for producing durable high-quality ceramic restorations. It is simple, fast and conserves the natual tooth. Cerec is ideal for patients who want an authentic tooth-coloured alternative to amalgam or gold. In many cases Cerec allows tooth restorations to be completed in a single session, within just One Hour and without the need for impressions, temporaries or long waiting periods.

The Cerec Meterial that is used to make the Inlay, Veneer or Crown is an advanced durable ceramic material.

Advantages of having Cerec compaired to standard proceedures:

Still not convinced of the advantages, take a look at the images below to see the real effects and results of Cerec:

The CEREC Proceedure is carried out in 5 easy steps:

If you are looking for a dentist that offers the latest state of the art Cerec technology in Brighton, Hove or surrounding areas then give out practice a call to book a FREE initial consultation with Dr Javad.

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